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Product of the Week: Foundation Brushes

While having great skin is the most fundamental element to having a flawless foundation for a look, the tools that you use to complete that look are incredibly important. Today's feature brushes are the ones that I use to contour, apply foundation and set with powder. You can see me using them in my Contouring 101 video.

Below are the brushes I use and some less expensive alternatives :-)

Step One Brush: Japonesque Foundation Brush

Japonesque Foundation Brush

I use this brush to apply concealer or foundation colors for contouring. It applys pigment in a nice, smooth way that makes it easy to buff out and blend with the next step brushes.

It retails for $16.00 and you can buy it HERE

Step Two Brush: MAC 130 and MAC 187

MAC 130 and 187

I use these brushes to blend concealer and foundation on the face. I start out with the MAC 130 brush which is smaller and allows me to be more detailed in my blending. I then use the MAC 187 brush on larger areas of my face (forehead, cheeks, etc.) to give a soft affect to my skin. The combination of natural and synthetic fibers in these brushes allows me to achieve a more airbrush finish to my foundation. Press harder to use the black natural fibers and do hard blending and use a softer touch to use the white synthetic fibers to provide the softer finish.

The MAC 130 retails for $42.00 and the MAC 187 retails for $42.00 and you can find them HERE

Sigma Brushes makes a lot of duplicates of MAC, and other brands, brushes. I would recommend their F55 as an alternative to the MAC 130 ($21.00) and their F50 as an alternative to the MAC 187 ($26.00).

Step Three Brush: Hakuhodo Powder Brush D

Hakuhodo Powder Brush

Ok, so disclaimer - this is my most expensive brush that I have ever purchased and I think that it was worth every penny. I use this brush to set powder on top of foundation. I press powder into the skin and then use the brush in a circurlar fashion, similar to what you would do with a kabuki brush. This is an all-natural goat hair brush and it feels amazing on the skin and leaves the most amazing soft finish. I'm kindof obsessed with this brush if you can't tell.

The Hakuhodo Powder Brush D retails for $102.00 and you can find it HERE.

Again, Sigma Brushes makes a brush that is somewhat comparable, although I will say that no brushes that I have seen compare to Hakuhodo (probably why they are so expensive). Try the Sigma F80 which retails for $24.00.


Have anything you would like to see or a question about anything beauty or makeup? Let me know and I will use it for future posts.


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